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“Many people find my adult plays disturbing but isn’t the whole universe disturbing? Anyway, be warned. And I apologise for not being about to write more comfortable plays. Here are extracts from a few of the ones I like.” – Keith Johnstone


Various plays are available through Keith’s manager. Click on contact if you are interested in obtaining copies.



Frog Wife




Moby Dick

The Last Bird
The Cord 

They Came by Night


I Want to Get Into You

The Invitation

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Impro for Storytellers
(English) Impro for Storytellers©1998, Faber and Faber Limited, London ISBN 0-571-19099-5
IMPRO: Improvisation and the Theatre©1979, Methuen Publishing, London ISBN 0-413-46430-X
The Last Bird
(English) The Last Bird. Stories & Plays © 2012, Alexander Verlag, Berlin ISBN 978-3-89581-270-5
Don't Be Prepared
(English) OUT OF PRINT Don’t Be Prepared: Theatresports™ For Teachers © 1994 ISBN 0-9698382-0-4
Impro Japanese
(Japanese) インプロ― キース ジョンストン (著), Keith Johnstone (原著) ©2012 而立書房
ISBN 488-05-93613
Impro French
(French) Impro, improvisation & théâtre ©2013 IPANEMA -SAS ISBN 978-23-64780-55-2
Impro Italian
(Italian) Impro, Teoria e tecnica dell’improvvisazione. Dall’invenzione scenica a quella drammaturgica. Dino Audino Editore S.r.l. ISBN 978-88-7527-158-9
Impro Polish
(Polish) Impro spontaniczne kreowanie świataPaństwowa Wyższa Szkoła Teatralna im. Ludwika Solskiego w Krakowie ISBN 978-83-63287-04-7
Impro Danish
(Danish) IMPRO: Improvisation og teater©1987, Hans Reitzels Forlag, Denmark ISBN 87-412-3907-5
Improvisation & Theatresports Danish
(Danish) Improvisation og Teatersport ©1997, Forlaget DRAMA, Gråsten ISBN 87-7865-061-5
Impro Dutch
(Dutch) IMPRO: improvisatie en theater ©1990, International Theatre and Film Books, Amsterdam ISBN 90-6403-206-8
Impro Korean
(Korean) IMPRO: Improvisation and the Theatre©2000, Chilho Publishing, Seoul ISBN 89-86270-43-9
Impro Spanish
(Spanish) IMPRO: Improvisacion y el Teatro ©1990, Editorial Cuatro Vientos, Santiago ISBN 84-89333-34-3
Impro German
(German) Improvisation Und Theater©1993, Alexander Verlag, Berlin ISBN 3-923854-67-6
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